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Posted on Mar 8, 2012

Proven benefits of a supportive spouse

Stress is a killer – at work and at home. It may be the reason that the heartburn drug – Nexium – is the #2 selling drug in America.

Yet stress itself isn’t new. It has always existed, and won’t likely disappear from our modern world any time soon. So learning how to cope with it – outside of drugs – would provide many benefits.

For married couples, they have a secret weapon at their disposal – should they choose to embrace it. And it’s freely available for the taking.

It’s the value of support.

Research Study

A recent study, conducted by Florida State University professor Wayne Hochwarter, reported that a supportive spouse can help stressed-out workers maintain a positive outlook on the job.

When compared to those without solid spousal backing, the research findings revealed that the benefits of a supportive spouse provided:

–       25% higher rates of concentration levels at work

–       33% more likely to have positive relationships with coworkers

–       20% higher level of job satisfaction

–       25% lower likelihood of after-work fatigue

For some these findings might seem obvious. But if you have been waiting for proof on why YOU need to become a supportive spouse, now you have it.

The Value of Support

Providing support at the right moment can be life changing. If you embrace this value, you will make a significant impact on others – including your spouse.

As a differentiating value, Support means furnishing encouragement; providing for or maintaining; bearing the weight of. From the viewpoint of others, it means you help carry the load.

Don’t you feel better, stronger, more capable when you have someone helping to carry the load? So why wouldn’t every married person want to be a support for his or her spouse?

In his research, Hochwarter suggests that even with the best of intentions, it can be difficult to be supportive if your own personal tank is empty.

The solution?

Always keep some supportive resources – emotional energy, encouraging words, expressions of confidence – on reserve, ready to be tapped on demanding days.

Is it hard to be supportive some days? Absolutely. But the benefits are worth the investment. What you do for your spouse also benefits you.

To coin a popular saying adapted for married couples:
a supportive spouse creates a supported house.


What are other benefits from being a supportive spouse?