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Posted on Aug 25, 2017

What Could A Little Resolve Do For You?

What Could A Little Resolve Do For You?

Elon Musk is a wealthy entrepreneur who has gained a lot of attention, in the media and by word of mouth. Currently best known for his electric vehicles (Tesla), Musk is also known for creating SpaceX, a company he founded in 2002 to design, manufacture and launch advanced rockets and spacecraft.

If there were one value to describe Musk, it would be Resolve.

Resolve = determination or will power; finding a solution to a problem.

Those who portray this value appear to be rare, and are often viewed as a bit odd. Just consider Thomas Edison, Marie Currie, and Henry Ford to name just a few.

Maybe it’s because of their intense focus on their purpose, mission, calling – or whatever they view it. Or maybe they just decided to be resolved….

Someone else who possessed this value was Robert Goddard. Long before Musk, he too had a passion for rocketry, successfully developing a multi-stage rocket and a liquid-fuel rocket (in 1914), both viewed as important milestones toward spaceflight.

Concerning the value of resolve, a few years ago I created a Values Quote video based on a quote by Goddard. I think this quote is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago.

When you are facing an uphill battle to achieve your dream or fulfill your calling, take a moment to assess how Goddard and Musk have succeeded by embracing the value of resolve.

A little resolve can go a long way.


Today’s quote is from Robert Goddard, credited as the Father of Modern Rocketry. I recently wrote a blog post about the amazing relationship of Goddard and his wife. His resolve is inspiring and worth noting again here.

Later in his work, Goddard stated:

“It is not a simple matter to differentiate unsuccessful from successful experiments. . . .[Most] work that is finally successful is the result of a series of unsuccessful tests in which difficulties are gradually eliminated.”

Goddard was a man who embraced the value of resolve that helped him pursue his dream of sending a rocket into space. While most people just saw failure after failure after failure. Goddard was seeing progress.

As a differentiating value, Resolve means determination or will power; finding a solution to a problem. For Goddard, he didn’t see problems. He was pursing solutions.

Do you have a dream, or a sense of purpose, or calling?

Then the value of resolve might be your best friend. Even if others might criticize you, as Goddard did with major media attacking him, I encourage you to raise your resolve. Be determined to find solutions.

You just might become the father – or mother – of something that will change the future.