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Posted on Mar 30, 2018

5 Ways to Inspire New Hope

5 Ways to Inspire New Hope

Do you know someone who is depressed, degenerated, or despondent? Are there signs of hopelessness?

If hope is one of your differentiating values, then this is the time you can make a BIG difference!

Hope = full of promise; a great expectation; to be optimistic.

Whether this “someone” is a family member, co-worker, neighbor, or just an acquaintance, you CAN be a catalyst to inspire new hope.

5 Ways to Inspire New Hope

When someone’s “hope tank” is running low, or even empty, here are 5 ways we can inspire new hope.

  1. Understanding renews hope. Many people become quiet when they feel hopeless. Encouraging them to talk by asking thoughtful questions that lead to seeing new possibilities can be the beginning of a renewed hope.
  2. Consistency builds hope. Just as a building is built one block at a time, so is hope. Encouraging others to take consistent action can work the same way. For example, helping others take regular action consistently, such as making their bed every day, builds confidence. Routine generates predictability, which builds hope.
  3. Confirmation protects hope. Explaining to someone how important they are to us and where they fit into our lives, and the lives of others, can show that they are needed and wanted. Confirming someone’s value helps protect hope as it grows.
  4. Celebrating affirms hope. No matter how small a “win” may be perceived, celebrate it. Even if it occurred days or even weeks ago, it’s never too late to celebrate. Also, each celebration can have a compounding effect over time that solidifies conviction and affirms new hope.
  5. Enthusiasm revitalizes hope. When we allow our passion to show about the good things happening to others, it’s contagious. Imagine how others feel when they hear us talking positively and with excitement about them, including their accomplishments or plans. It’s not only refreshing; it revitalizing.

But what if hope is not one of your differentiating values? What if inspiring new hope doesn’t come naturally?

Try it anyway!

By practicing these 5 ways to inspire new hope, you’ll not only learn how to help others whose hope tank is empty, you might just find you’ll inspire yourself too!