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Posted on Dec 20, 2011

Keeping Adoration Alive

A wonderful value to possess is Adoration. From the list of 423 differentiating values, it can be defined as: admiration or esteem; worship; the action of loving devotion or fascination.

If your first thought is “yes, I wish more people would show me some admiration or esteem” then this is likely not one of your values. You need help.

Adoration is an actionable emotion where one feels literally compelled to express it naturally and instinctively – to others. When we admire someone, to the point of idolizing, and feel a strong urge to “do” something to show how much we love them and adore them, then we possess the value of adoration.

Adoration in Faith

At this time of year, as we approach Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Christ, many people consider it a good time – or about time – to go and worship at church.  Indeed, it will be a wonderful occasion this Christmas as churches around the world fill with people coming to express their adoration for Christ, their Savior. In acknowledgement of Christ’s selfless sacrifice, we may feel compelled to show our love and devotion by attending a worship service and singing praises with everyone else in attendance.

But why does this feeling of admiration, esteem, devotion, or fascination seem to dissipate so quickly after Christmas? What happens to this amazing value of adoration?

We allow other values to rise up and take over. 

After Christmas our interest in Christ tends to take a back seat, and just like all of our Christmas decorations, we put our adoration away and store it until next year – or at least until Easter. Even if your mother tries to make you feel guilty about it – and guilt never helps keep adoration alive – we have no trouble storing this actionable emotion.

Do we treat others with the same hot and cold attitude? Unfortunately, we do. But it doesn’t have to remain that way.

Adoration in Marriage

After a couple gets married it’s normal to see the outward expression of passion decline. The adoration for each other visible on their wedding day tends to dissipate over time. Some couples unfortunately choose to place this beautiful value into ‘storage’ until their anniversary or other special occasion.

It takes work to keep the value of adoration alive and active.

And no, you don’t have to ‘worship’ the ground your spouse walks on. Keep that part of adoration for Christ.

For your spouse, what you can do is look for continual reasons to admire them, and to remain fascinated with them. In so doing, you might find it easier to be lovingly devoted to them – a wonderful form of admiration.

Adoration in Business

It might surprise you that the powerful value of adoration works in business too. Often a business finds creative ways to show their true adoration for their best customers, only then to put away this expression of value when other priorities come along.

Here too, it is possible to look for ongoing reasons to admire and esteem your best customers. This is more than simply appreciation. Adoration means you are devoted to your best customers to the point you marvel over their willingness to continue buying from you – even when your company really messes things up. Your expressions of adoration may be just the thing to keep a customer – which in turn might keep your business alive – when nothing else will.

When was the last time you experienced the power of adoration?


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  1. As your wife I do feel ‘adored’! The most prevalent way is how, when I come into your office, you’ll stop what you’re doing and turn to me with your arms open. I think feeling adored comes from knowing your spouse values you. <3