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I’m Robert Ferguson, and I have a passion for values.

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Values are embraced by successful companies, and individuals.

  • Values help you prioritize.
  • Values help you make difficult decisions.
  • Values help you hire the right people.
  • Values help you build a great brand.
  • Values help you define a meaningful business, and life.

However, in my 20+ years working with large and small companies, I find few organizations actually define meaningful values AND behave in accordance with them.

Specifically, I’m talking about values that define what makes you unique, create competitive advantage, and ensure a sustainable brand. I call these Differentiating Values.

Download my FREE eBook “Developing Your Differentiating Values” to learn more. It includes 423 defined values, organized into 15 categories, plus exercises to identify and define your differentiating values.

Robert Looking at Book - cropped black and whiteThen, along the journey of exploring the power and impact of values, I recognized there are some common values shared across most companies. So I decided to research and analyze the values of every company listed on the Fortune 500.

Guess what I found?

17 common values! In other words, there are 17 common values every company embraces – or put another way, these are values customers expect every company to have. If you’re interested, take a look at the page 17 Common Values.

How can I help you?

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If you are looking for an inspirational speaker with a highly relevant message, give me a call or check out my speaking page. I’ve travelled across North America speaking to hundreds of business leaders about my values research, strategic marketing, leadership, and how to identify differentiating values that create competitive advantage (learn more about my speaking tour here).  


If you are interested in working on your organization’s values directly, whether it’s developing differentiating values for your company, using differentiating values as a marketing tool, or how to implement your own organizational values for your employees, learn more at my consulting page.

How can I help your organization?

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