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Research on Values – What are your values?

When speaking with leaders in business, I always ask this one question:

What are the defined values of your company?

values on the wall

I’ve researched the values of many companies, including all of the Fortune 500. That’s how I discovered the 17 Common Values. But as part of my ongoing research I’m looking to understand the ongoing trends around values and how companies apply them. This is where you can help!

Do you work for a great company – with defined values?

I’d love to learn about them!

Please, leave a comment below with:

  • name of your company & a link to the website
  • a list of the values, and how they are defined (if available)
  • where can the public see those values (i.e. website, plaque, or elsewhere)
  • stories of how employees are applying these values

Thank you so much for your help!

Just leave a comment below!

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