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Integrating Values into Culture

FergusonValues people

How can you integrate your values into the organizational culture?

Determining values, stating them and publishing values on your website and hiring procedures, along with a wall-plaque in the company head-quarters is merely a beginning point.

Where can an organization go from that beginning point – to integrating values into every part of the business?

How can your organizationRobert Presenting on Values boardroom

  • hire clearly with 3 values
  • fire cleanly with 1 value
  • and create strategies for share-holder buy-in

so everyone can live the values your organization has set out?

It’s a strategic process that begins with understanding your values, and then making a detailed plan on how to integrate those values into every level of your organization – from C-Level executives to marketing, HR, and even to part-time employees.

Who should decide what values an organization has?

Should only the c-level executives decide on values?  What about marketing, HR, or others?

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