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Forging Values – City Tour

In 2015, Robert traveled North America speaking to business leaders. His presentations encouraged leaders to transform their businesses from Good to Great by instilling values that make a difference.

At each seminar, workshop, or presentation, Robert provided details about the 17 common values shared by businesses across all industries. He also highlighted how specific companies are using their values strategically, and which ones only give lip service to them.

In addition, Robert taught how any organization can identify and define the top 3 differentiating values, and how companies are using them to create competitive advantage. To learn more about Robert’s presentations or have him speak at your next event, contact him at Robert @ FergusonValues . com

Here are a few examples of companies that have embraced their differentiating values:

  • One Fortune-500 company continually experiences adversity and opposition from various groups. Yet their performance and bottom-line profit is astounding. If you look at their stated values, two of them are included in the list of 17 common values. But three of their values – courage, independence and efficiency – define their competitive advantage. Curious about the company? You’ll learn about them when you come to a workshop.
  • A world-renowned hospital with a well-respected brand has a long history of providing exceptional care for patients. It’s also considered one of the lowest-cost healthcare systems in the United States. Want to know their secret? Come to a presentation and find out.
  • Can you imagine big business embracing humility as a core value? What’s even more interesting is how one company has defined this value for their 30,000+ employees. This Fortune-500 company has essentially given permission to each employee to acknowledge their mistakes and highlight what they’re doing to enhance the competitive positioning of the company. Attend a seminar in your area to learn more – or better yet, invite us to come present in your city.


HR and Marketing

Round Rock, Texas – May 2015

Denton Texas - April 23 2015

Denton Texas – April 23 2015

Midland Odessa - Texas - April 14, 2015

Midland Odessa – Texas – April 14, 2015

Abilene Texas - April 23, 2015

Abilene Texas – April 23, 2015

Gainesville, Florida - Janary 2015

Gainesville, Florida – Janary 2015

Decatur Alabama - April 8, 2015

Decatur Alabama – April 8, 2015

Forging Values Presentation - Tampa - cropped 3 - 66 kb

Tampa, Florida – January 2015


Monroe, Louisiana

Monroe, Louisiana – February 2015

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