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Developing Your Differentiating Values

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A Practical Guide for Creating Competitive Advantage in Business

Values are a powerful tool to provide strategic direction for leaders in business, in the community, and even at home.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” – Roy Disney

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Unfortunately, most business leaders reference values only to provide moral clarity (ethics), and miss the greater opportunity to help stakeholders understand what and when something matters, why it matters, and who else should be involved to help fulfill the mission.

When you take the time to clearly define your values, here’s what values can do for you:

  • Values will help you prioritize.
  • Values will help you make difficult decisions.
  • Values will help you hire the right people.
  • Values will help you build a great brand.
  • Values will help you define a meaningful business, and life.

While there are some common values shared across all businesses, the primary focus here is on Differentiating Values in business – those values that define a unique positioning and competitive advantage that will build your business and your brand.

Developing Your Differentiating Values For Business contains an exhaustive list of 423 defined values along with the clear steps to selecting your specific differentiating values. In addition, all 423 values have been placed into 15 categories to assist you in making your selection.

This e-book is not in any bookstore. And it’s not for sale.

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