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Posted on Jan 31, 2012

Values Quotes – Robert Louis Stevenson on Courage

Today’s quote is from Robert Louis Stevenson, the renowned Scottish novelist and travel writer who wrote a number of the most well read books today, including Treasure Island.

One of Stevenson’s great quotes was:

Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.”

Robert Louis Stevenson understood the value of courage. Just read his biography and how he travelled extensively, in spite of persistent health challenges.

Courage is a great value. It means a characteristic of confidence; not easily intimidated; fearless; and brave.

When Stevenson suggests we should keep our fears to ourselves, he’s right. People don’t need to know what you are afraid of. And you won’t inspire anyone if you tell them your fears.

Instead, follow Steven’s suggestion to “share your courage with others.” You’ll not only inspire others, you might also find you’ll inspire yourself!



  1. Great quote and vblog Robert – you’re a natural on camera! Awesome!

    • Thanks!

  2. You have a perfect voice for the video/audio job!

    I agree that courage is inspiring but I’m also pleased to see a person acknowledge its fears and nonetheless take action. For me it’s even more courageous and inspiring and shows humanity and truth. Fearless people can be scary sometimes…

    • Thanks Ric. My wife says I have a radio voice (whatever that means).

      I agree that the way some people display their fearlessness is very scary, such as those who participate in extreme sports. These folks capture our attention more than our admiration.

      But someone like Martin Luther King, who displayed great courage in the face of adversity, earned our admiration. I’m sure King had fears. He just didn’t talk about them. Instead, he shared his courage.