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Posted on Nov 11, 2014

How to Fill The Workplace With Enthusiasm

How to Fill The Workplace With Enthusiasm

How-to-Fill-The-Workplace-With-EnthusiasmImagine a workforce filled with enthusiasm. What business leader would not be charged up to have employees eager to come to work, ready to apply their energy and talents to tackle meaningful challenges, and filled with passion to make a difference.

No, this does not have to remain a dream. There are places where this exists today.

Enthusiasm is found in organizations that encourage and reward it as a differentiating value.

Of course, it’s not realistic to think every employee will feel charged up every single day. There are times when major setbacks occur, frustrations overwhelm, and even the most enthusiastic employee may struggle a bit.

But to foster a culture that’s filled with enthusiasm, it starts with identifying it and then developing it. The adage still rings true: what gets recognized and rewarded gets done.

Example Definitions

Some companies, such as Discover Financial Services, simply include Enthusiasm as one of their core values.

Other companies provide some clarity about what enthusiasm means by defining it. Here are two examples:

  1. O’Reilly Auto PartsO’Reilly Team Members approach every job with responsibility and enthusiasm. O’Reilly team members take pride in being the best they can be and love being the best!
  2. WESCO (from their military brochure)
    Optimism – maintain a positive attitude
    Action – respond quickly; work past obstacles
    Passion – play to win every day

Then there is Anixter, who takes enthusiasm to a whole new level.

Anixter’s Blue Book

Anixter-Blue-BookAnixter is a leading supplier of communications, security products, electrical wire and cable, fasteners and other small components. They are a global B2B company with over 8,000 employees serving 100,000 customers across 50+ countries.

So how does such a large, publically traded company differentiate itself?

A critical component of Anixter’s brand proposition is their people. If you want to work at Anixter, there’s an important document you should read first: The Blue Book.

Now in its 32nd printing, the Blue Book outlines the “Anixter way” of doing business. It defines the organization’s values with great clarity, yet it’s easy and fun to read.

For those looking for a job, Anixter states the following on their website:

As our Blue Book puts it, instead of stuffed shirts and big shots, Anixter employs people who exemplify our values and take service to a new level in order to live up to our industry-leading reputation. At Anixter, we believe in truth, self-expression, enthusiasm and innovation.

In their Blue Book, Anixter has a rather unique way of defining the value of Enthusiasm.

  • Enthusiasm is the greatest business asset in the world. It beats money, power and influence.
  • Enthusiasm tramples over opposition, storms its objectives and overwhelms all obstacles.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious, so carry it in your attitude and manner. It will increase productivity, and it will bring joy and satisfaction to our people.
  • Enthusiasm brings RESULTS.

Now, that’s powerful!

This is like a battle cry for those that thrive on being enthusiastic. It speaks personally to those who know their positive, can-do-attitude is the most powerful tool in their arsenal.

It’s also an excellent filter to identify potential candidates that will ultimately define the Anixter brand.


How would you define the value of enthusiasm?

Is enthusiasm the right value for your brand?


Today’s value was selected from the “Enthusiasm-Teamwork” category, based on the e-book Developing Your Differentiating Values.