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Posted on Sep 28, 2018

Why Good Leaders Combine Discipline and Diligence

Why Good Leaders Combine Discipline and Diligence

Leaders can often see their vision so well that they can almost taste it. They know that diligence is required to turn their vision into reality. Yet it’s generally not in their nature to be diligent as leaders are naturally impatient.

So they combine the values of discipline and diligence.

Discipline – a system of rules of conduct or method of practice; well behaved; self control.

Diligence – persevering determination to perform a task; conscientiousness.

Leaders know that if they create the right “systems” and apply their energy to specific “tasks” on a regular basis, they will eventually turn their vision into reality.

John Maxwell writes: “Self-Discipline is the ability to do what is right even when you don’t feel like doing it.” Effective leaders add discipline into their lives because it makes diligence worthwhile.

By combining discipline and diligence, good leaders make a real difference. Some example:

  • Parents helping their kids get to school on time every morning – cleaned, dressed, fed, school supplies packed up, and even providing something for lunch.
  • Fundraisers helping charities prepare for annual fundraising events – signing up sponsors, engaging volunteers, producing promotional pieces, organizing fun activities, and creating a buzz amongst those who care.
  • Entrepreneurs turning an idea into a multi-million dollar enterprise – raising necessary capital, working 16 hours a day for little pay, hiring capable and willing people, and promoting their idea to everyone and anyone who will listen.

Without this combination of discipline and diligence:

  • We’d have fewer kids prepared for the world, once grown up.
  • We’d have fewer charities funded to fulfill their mission.
  • We’d have fewer employers hiring people, and thereby a poorer economy.

We clearly need more good leaders who can combine discipline and diligence.