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Posted on Dec 21, 2018

Only A little Devoutness Is Needed To Begin

Only A little Devoutness Is Needed To Begin

Some view Christmas as a time where devout Christians get all excited about going to church. But Christmas is not just for the pious and deeply religious. It’s for everyone.

Even if it’s the only time of year someone passes through church doors and occupies a pew for an hour or so, it’s something important to celebrate. Taking a few moments to consider the reason for the season – the birth of Christ – is priceless.

In a single moment, a life can be changed.

Here, I think about a Values Quote I highlighted a number of years ago, where I focused on a devout man named Simeon (see below). The story in the Bible about him is only recorded in the book of Luke, and is quite brief (Luke 2: 25-35). Yet, what a profound experience.

Many theologians believe that Simeon was quite old when he finally had a promised encounter with Jesus. Even though Jesus was just a baby, Simeon’s life was forever changed – as was many others.

The same can be true for anyone seeking to know Jesus.

But no one needs to first prove they are pious. It only requires a little devoutness – a sincere longing – to have a special encounter with the Savior of the world.

This is the beginning of a journey that leads to eternal life!


Today’s quote is in honor of Christmas, where we celebrate the birth of Christ.

As it states in the Bible, in Luke 2:25-26:

“And behold, there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon, and this man was just and devout, waiting for the Consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him. And it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ.”

That’s quite a promise!

Do you know what happened to Simeon? He DID see the baby Jesus, and was privileged to hold Him up and proclaimed the great future that would unfold through Him.

What an amazing gift.

But let’s ask the question, why was Simeon blessed to have this experience? As it clearly states, he was devout.

As a differentiating value, Devoutness means earnestness; deeply religious; and piety. It’s about reverence for God and being totally dedicated to Him. It takes commitment to a whole new level.

Those who follow the teachings of Christ believe He is coming again, this time as a bridegroom coming to fetch his bride. For those that embrace the value of devoutness and remain committed to Christ, they can expect to experience an even greater miracle than Simeon did.

And that will be really cool!