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Posted on Dec 28, 2018

Preparing Your Energy Resolution

Preparing Your Energy Resolution

For the New Year, many plan various resolutions such as losing weight, eating healthier, and exercising more. Some plan on managing their time more effectively, which often translates to limited aspirations such as spending less time on Facebook.

But what about managing your energy?

Energy is a value often underrated and even ignored.

Energy = enterprising or ambitious drive; a healthy capacity for vigorous activity.

This is a value we can learn much from studying effective leaders. Study the schedules and even behaviors of good leaders and you’ll see they treat energy like time. It’s a precious commodity that drives momentum and can change average lives into extraordinary adventures.

Just as leaders know they have a limited supply of time, they also know they have a limited supply of energy. For every 24-hour period, they have only so much energy to expend. So leaders manage it carefully.

Yes, astute leaders may try to expand their “energy tank” through healthy diet and regular exercise. But that only goes so far. Successful leaders know where and how to “invest” their limited energy. It’s a real difference maker.

Questions to Ponder

To make the most of your daily energy throughout the New Year, I encourage you to ponder the following questions at the start of each new day:

  • What are the best activities that will advance your goals today?
  • What drives you to get moving in the morning?
  • Who helps you maximize your energy? (And who drains it?)
  • Who will benefit the most from your energy today?

Also be aware of the comparison trap. It is unhealthy to compare your energy tank to what you perceive in others. Some may be blessed with double the energy. But unless it’s applied to the right activities, they might accomplish less than those with less energy.

Instead, compare your levels of energy today with the energy levels you experienced last week or even last month. Celebrate if you can keep your energy level constant (and not drop off), or better yet slightly improved.

Knowing how to ensure a reliable and consistent source of energy is perhaps the most valuable gift you can give yourself as you prepare for a great New Year. The next best gift is knowing where to invest it.